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Welcome to TileAndStones.com. a source for Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic and art.

Click for Ceramic Tile ProductsWe have collected and are offering on our website the "Cream de la Cream" that the tile industry has produced.


Our collection is aimed to those who love art, home design, and beautiful things.


On most items, our prices are at a contractor level, so if you buy here you may save money.


When it comes to art and unique items, touch and feel has major rule on your decision to buy.

Click for Ceramic Tile to enlargeWe know that it is impossible to physically touch products on-line. In order to better assist you and allow you to "Virtually Touch," we are using special techniques to present our products, so you'll be as close as possible to a real life touch and fill. Here is a little demo.


Travel with your mouse on the image. It will zoom it self. Then click on it to see the entire image:

Click for Ceramic Tile ProductsIt is important that you'll know how to use our site. You may want to take a look and see how our website works.


Click here to see how to use our website.

Click for Ceramic Tile ProductsIn order to better serve you, we are building showcase pages on a regular basis.

Those pages provides close look on some aspect of particular products, such as graphical features and productions techniques.  That will be a very good utilization of your time!


Click here to visit our Ceramic Tiles showcase pages.


Click for Ceramic Tile Products

Among other ceramic tiles, you'll find here unique artwork that was manufactured with combination of hand made drawing and modern technology such as laser cutters to shape the surface and produce the clean cuts. Click on the Mosaic Tile at the left!



Click for Ceramic Tile ProductsAnd yet another sample of the artwork available on our website it the Animal series, made on large 12"x12" and 6"x6" tiles.



Click for Ceramic Tile ProductsLast, we carry some special products of beauty such as the sink at the left. Click on it and see many more wonders of this kind!



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